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Why Hire a Professional Auctioneer?

Because the Weatherman is NOT an Auctioneer.

People hire professionals in nearly all of life's great adventures. From plumbers and lawyers to caterers and musicians, we trust important duties to the skilled professionals. With that being said, why would you place the reins of the most important fundraising event of the year for your organization in the hands of anyone other than a professional auctioneer? The role of a professional auctioneer is much more than a fast-talking bid caller. Celebrities such as the weatherman, news anchor or a guy named Wally from the bowling alley are not auctioneers. Their lack of performance goes undetected by committees simply because there is no scientific gauges to identify just how much money the amateur auctioneer has left off the table – but rest assured, it does. What can be recognized is the once-a-year amateur auctioneer is not experienced or trained in the psychology of selling, advanced auction strategy, and salesmanship which is an art in itself.

There are an estimated 40,000 auctioneers that exist nationally but only a small percentage shine above their colleagues like Jack Granger does. Many are part-time auction school graduates that label themselves an 'auctioneer' despite their lack of real world experience. Some are so-called 'freelance' auctioneers who occassionally work an auction and lack valuable experience. A noticeable trend that you will find with the above groups of auctioneers is many will actually donate their services to gain bid calling experience and to build a resume. Unfortunately, their inexperience and apprenticeship comes at the expense of YOUR organization.

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? You should be!

In addition, if you are using an amateur auctioneer, chances are you are unknowingly exposing your organization to unnecessary legal consequences. Auctioneering is not a hobby, it is a profession. The legal ramifications of an improperly conducted auction can be a serious matter. For example, there are well over 500 commonly used auction terms and subsequent federal, state and local auction laws that ALL auctioneers must be familiar with. This is very much true with benefit auctioneers as well. When you hire Granger Thagard, you not only have the peace of mind that your auction will be conducted at the highest level of entertainment and profitability, but it will also be conducted with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Give us a call and we can start helping your event today!


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