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As the principals of Granger/Thagard march into their 37th year of business, 32 of those based in Birmingham, Alabama, here are some quotes from our Dad who had the vision to see that in the future, auctions would sell most everything, especially real estate.


"A seller should learn quickly in life the differences in the selling strategies of accepting bids or setting price. One is open-ended and has an exact date of sale and moves the price upward. The other, setting price, is closed off, can be never ending and usually moves the price downward, unless the seller has sold too fast when the first interested party just buys on the spot and leaves the seller with egg on his face".

"When more people selling grasp the difference between accepting bids on his terms, rather than pricing and having to listen to the buyer's terms, the auction industry will out grow the other way of selling".

"The business world of selling is divided sharply between the minority that understands accepting bids and the majority that wants to announce a price. That's why that minority 10% controls about 90% of all the wealth. Those 10% study how to sell… not just pricing".

(These statements were made circa 1983, when we started out and are from….

W.E. Granger

In 2006

"The National Association of Realtors announces that auction marketing of real estate is the fastest growing segment of the real estate industry".

In 2007

"These guys are the best ambassadors of a trade I have ever seen. For years, Jack and Bill have taught continuing education to thousands of Realtors, including myself, showing us that another strategy is available. Most sellers have never taken the time to learn another strategy and most real estate agents aren't trained to talk about auctions, but I bet all those agents like multiple offers on a property and that's trying to have an auction."

Harold B. Blach, Jr.
Birmingham Businessman and former CEO of Blach's Department Store

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